About Pendare

The Pendare Philosophy

Whether you’re a strong leader who’s refocusing your energies or an organization heading into uncharted territory, we’re committed to helping you to uncover untapped potential, then turn it into results. We do this by helping you or your organization identify your values, think strategically, and achieve tangible outcomes.

We sum up the Pendare philosophy as “Look in. Look out. Move forward.”

Look in.
Identify your values clearly.
We help high performers play their A-game. We do this by helping you define the strengths, the values, and the purpose that form the foundation of who you are and what you do. This allows you to focus your energy on making intentional choices and achieving exceptional outcomes that are aligned with your unique vision and core priorities.
Look out.
Understand your environment thoroughly.
We help you shape your world through a better understanding of the business contexts and personal interactions that are occurring in your organization and the overall environment you’re working in.
Move forward.
Achieve your goals confidently.
Clear values and strategic thinking combine to accomplish powerful and meaningful outcomes that align deeply with who you are and what your goals are. We work together with you to determine strategies, tools, and practices that will help you achieve powerful results.
Why Choose Pendare?

Our clients work with us for many reasons. Here are some of the most important:

    We’ve been there. We know winning. We know losing. And we’ve learned through both. Pendare is a deeply experienced group of individuals who’ve made a habit of professional and personal excellence—and who help others do the same.

    We listen. We think, we act, and we advise. But first, we listen. This deep focus is what enables us to partner with you to understand the core issues involved and get the results you demand.

    We guide. Our guidance is direct, informed, and unbiased. We don't have a preexisting model to sell. We build customized strategies based on your values, goals, and unique business setting.

    We understand impact. You want to know if and how you're making a difference. We help you zero in on target outcomes by drawing on data to guide your decisions.

Find out how Pendare can help you raise your game.