Services for Organizations

Pendare works with top-level organizations, non-profits, and companies like yours to define their internal values and goals, navigate external environments and relationships, and craft solutions that produce tangible outcomes. Because every organization is different, we assemble a hand-picked team that fits the needs of each client.

Research and Analysis

Our research and analysis capabilities help companies look inward and outward to better understand the real-world context for decisions and actions. We conduct in-depth scans, glean key qualitative and quantitative indicators, and subject them to rigorous analysis. Depending on the purpose of the scan (e.g., leadership, strategic direction, market position), your organization can then move forward with clearer direction to:

  • Clarify and articulate the organization’s mission, vision, and purpose.
  • Identify and prioritize organizational goals.
  • Align energies and efforts with core organizational principles.
  • Connect core organizational values to appropriate strategies, practices, and tools.

TerraCognita™: Situational Awareness for Leadership Transitions

TerraCognita™ enables companies to help their new executives create meaningful results from day one by giving them the information they require to make a big difference quickly and intelligently. TerraCognita™ from Pendare gives transitioning executives deep insight into the culture, motivations, and priorities that lay at the heart your organization. We surface this key intelligence through in-depth qualitative research, subject the data to objective analysis, and then provide action-oriented reporting using eight categories so that your new executives can:

  • Understand the distinctions between the previous and new corporate environments.
  • Better define and adjust their leadership style and role in the new context.
  • Assess expectations and opportunities for them and the position.
  • Start to understand key players and relationship dynamics.
  • Make more informed decisions and take decisive action.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Based upon our research and analysis findings, we facilitate strategic planning that enables your organization and its key players to develop a compelling vision, clear goals, and highly effective strategies.

Leadership Coaching

Give your leadership team the resources they need to define, clarify, and codify the things that matter most to them as leaders. Using the breadth and depth of leadership development approaches and tools available within the Pendare team, we help your executives to determine and align with organizational mission, vision, and purpose. Specifically, we help lead the charge as your leaders:

  • Clarify their leadership presence and style.
  • Align their energies with the organization’s core principles and values.
  • Identify appropriate strategies, practices, and tools to continue their growth and learning as a confident, effective leader.